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Hi, I’m Susan. Previously a computer science professional, I began expanding my writing knowledge for work and for pleasure back in 2011. I’ve since done grant writing for nonprofit organizations, developed several personal blogs on a variety of topics (including one about personal growth and one about the build of my teardrop trailer and my family’s travels in it), have been published four times in “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, had a two-page spread published in a popular Parachuting magazine, have done extensive development editing for a TV producer’s memoir, and still after many years find I have the bug to keep on writing (hence my newest blog, which you are currently viewing on this page!). I’ve always loved to read, study and write about personal and spiritual growth, so you’ll often see that reflected in my writings. Since around 2018, I’ve also been making jewelry, upping my knowledge and skills in this latest obsession with each passing year. When I’m not writing or making jewelry, my family and I spend time hiking and camping in the western U.S. where we visit beautiful places and meet interesting people while recharging our batteries and souls.  

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