Our Home-Built Teardrop Trailer

Back in 2012, hubby and I built our own teardrop trailer from scratch with nothing but photos on the internet of other finished teardrop trailers as a guide.

The project was a real highlight early on in our relationship, providing us many warm memories of working effortlessly as a team. It cemented us as a couple by revealing yet another suite of qualities we each have that just happen to jive so well.

Upon completion of the build, we hit the road with our custom trailer, enjoying many compliments and inquiries from admirers along the way, which naturally led to me creating a blog to chronicle our teardrop adventures, aptly named “Teardrop Adventures.”

In 2016, I gathered up the photos of the original build of our teardrop and posted them on my blog as well. To this day, I get a steady flow of visitors to those build photos.

Checkout my teardrop trailer-inspired blog here: Teardrop Adventures


A direct link to photos of the finished trailer can be found here:

Photos of Our Own Home-Built, Custom Teardrop Trailer


A direct link to the build post can be found here:

Building Our Teardrop Trailer From Scratch