My Handmade Wire-Worked Jewelry

Hey, all!

I’ve been dabbling a lot in wire wrapping, wire weaving and wire forming. I do most of my wire working in raw copper, brass or jewelers’ bronze right now (fine silver and sterling silver in the near future) and may also use stainless steel, surgical steel or .925 sterling silver for ear wires or other components. I’m also occasionally using sheet metals for cutting, forming, doing soldering or cold joins (rivets), but the learning curve is long, especially because I’m self-teaching on all of this.

The reason I wanted so much to play with wire is that I knew it would allow me the flexibility to do designs I’d been imagining but couldn’t achieve any other way. I also knew it would open the door for me to be able to make most of my own connection components on the fly as needed, whether that be jump rings, clasps or ear wires. Wire, for me, equals freedom. I can hammer wire, twist wire, coil wire, swirl wire, weave wire and, of course, bead with wire (including when it involves my not-so-secret favorite: Swarovski crystal beads). More importantly, I can capture natural crystals and semi-precious stones by wrapping with wire in a myriad of unique ways.

Most pieces of jewelry I make are one-of-a-kind. I take my time with each, finding my way through the design as it develops on the fly. I almost always have just a vague idea of what I’m attempting to create. The materials I work with, including especially the stones I wish to use, often dictate the direction of the design. Funny enough, I often finish a piece and don’t know how the heck I got there! That’s why it’s so much fun for me… and also why each piece can take a lot of time. And I’m good with that.

I’ve got time. I’ve got patience. I’ve got a passion for exploring what I can do with wire, with metals, with stones… and with a blank page in front of me each time I begin.

If you’ve got the time and curiosity, join me on my journey by checking out the photo galleries on my Facebook page. Until now, I’ve mostly been displaying my work at a local farmers’ market or on social media. I’m very happy to work directly with individuals interested in my jewelry in and around the Phoenix, AZ, area. I mostly do one-of-a-kind pieces, but sometimes revisit certain pieces I particularly like or that others seem to particularly like. I often share glimpses of new pieces or works in progress either on my Facebook page or on Instagram: @susanmaddyj

Feel free to follow me on whichever social media outlet suits you best. And thanks for following, if you do!