Inspired by Nature · My Handmade Jewelry

Happy Earth Day, You Earthy Women!



How about you?

We who care do a million little things to share the message that we only have one earth and we need to take care of it and ALL of its inhabitants, big and small.

I attempt to get that message out by making what I call “reminder jewelry”… it reminds whomever wears it and whomever sees someone wearing it that there are many of us out here who support taking care of our pollinators, who support growing our own food when possible and who enjoy cultivating a deep connection to this one earth that we treasure so much and depend upon for our basic existence.

I make my handmade jewelry with love for myself and for earthy women like me who understand that even one little voice, one little action can affect the whole. Whatever we do to support a message of love and connection resonates infinitely into the universe, lifting us all to a higher place of being, a higher calling than our mere existence here on planet Earth. We’re here to cultivate love, one moment at a time. Every thought of love lifts us all higher.

Love you all!

Susan Maddy J

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