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“Far Away From Home”–a short writing while camping

“Far Away From Home”
— Susan Maddy J.

May 2, 2023 (camping in the desert)

Waking at daybreak to a rising symphony of bird song,
I rub sleep from my eyes, but the desert day is well on its way.

Saguaros surround me, long in their years,
Their hollowed organ-pipe arms reaching to the heavens–
Just one source of the song that fills my ears.

Lazy dogs and humans with no place to be,
We warm in the sun’s glow, thinking of nothing–
Just listening, maybe dreaming…
“More of this, please. Perhaps near a river or sea.”

Later today, we’ll head back “home.”
We’ll say goodbye to mesquite tree, ocotillo and cholla,
To coyote, jackrabbit and tarantula, too.
We’ll go back to cars, concrete, and organized chaos
Where we–overly thinking, overly ‘doing’ people–roam,

Light years and day dreams away from what God intended our real home.


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